Birth is a rite of passage, transforming Maidens into Mothers, young men into Fathers and imprinting babies with a story they will carry for their lives.  Families are increasingly looking for support that will help them transition into their new lives feelings powerful and ready to be the parents they want to be.  Doula support is one way that is changing the face of birth.

We will explore what that support looks like and means for mothers, focusing on mothers blessings, pregnancy rituals, sacred space creation, ways to support women and men during birth to support and honour the sacred transition from maiden to mother.


Sequoia works in service to women and the Goddess. As a Teacher with the School of Shamanic Womancraft she brings her presence and skills to witnessing and supporting transformation. She is a writer, a doula, a Shamanic witch, a blood priestess and energetic healer, incorporating many modalities in private sessions.  Sequoia runs workshops on cycles, menstruation and birth. She runs Red Tents in her community and across Australia. Sequoia has presented rituals and workshops at conferences and festivals and is dedicated to the Sisterhood.

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