“I am heartened that RenewFest is the first festival of its kind to recognise child-rearing as a pivotal driver of social destiny, and to make this a centerpiece of its evolutionary agenda. I am so proud and privileged to be a part of this initiative.”


Human Habitat

Renewing the Human Story

Human Habitat

Renewing the Human Story

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Lex Richards

We were born to play in nature. Lex’s  was lucky enough to have a childhood that was immersed in outdoor education and exploration.  Growing up on the Outward Bound Base it was a unique opportunity to see and experience the value of bring being back to nature and...

Jaye Irving

Multi-award winning designer Jaye Irving has been flying the green banner of sustainability for nearly 20 years exploring the relationship between the natural and built environment. As an Architect, Artist, Builder, keen Permaculturist his interest in natural...

John Brodie

John has worked as a design, construction and project manager or licenced builder for over 35 years on a broad range of commercial and domestic projects. In 2006 he used that building knowledge (and a desire to improve building sustainability) to establish VIM ESD; a...

Shane Sylvanspring

Shane Sylvanspring is part of the Bruns Ecovillage Working Group and is the Co-ordinator of the Village Development Program, the ecovillage unique education platform for future residents. Shane is part of the Global Ecovillage Network and is experienced in town...

Zana Wright

Zana Wright is an architect / maker. She has lead the design & construction of various bamboo public art structures commissioned by cultural events including Vivid Sydney & Falls Festival, as well as bamboo earthquake reconstruction projects in Nepal. She has a keen...

Christina Renger

Christina is Founder of net Zero Design, a consultancy providing services in eco-positive development, sustainability consulting and education. Prior to this, she worked with leading architecture practices in Germany and Australia over the last two decades.' She is...

Jaiia Cerff

Jaiia Cerff is an engaged and active local youth who has represented youth led NGO’s around the world from the COP21 UN conference in Paris to the Earth Guardians NZ tour this January. He is passionate about catalysing a new way of life. Planting seeds of hope and...

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